Freedom of Expression

          Freedom of expression was a privilege given to the citizens by the government, allowing them their right to express their opinions without any constraints. It is a part of democracy where people can express and share what they feel towards something whether it is negative or positive.

          Freedom of expression has been used not just to give what people think, but also to influence and persuade others to what they believe and what they want others to believe. This freedom had also allowed citizens to criticize political status and government systems, which can help make the nation enhance and develop for a better democratic state.

          Unfortunately, this freedom of expression had gotten out of hand. For years of being given the freedom to express, people had thought of ways to use it on disrespectful, scandalous, or criminal means. People use it to give false information and let the society believe in something blindly. They used freedom of expression to blackmail or disrespect others, like posting personal matters of others online without their consent.

          The freedom of expression is a great privilege given to the people. Only people had abused it for their own selfish means. They should stop it before that freedom is taken away from them.