314417_161539423930542_1313553478_n          Dawn started her experience in internet access when she was 11 years old, with her first Facebook account made for her by her dad. Her first experiences had almost got her addicted to Facebook—maybe because she was still ignorant about all of it. As usual, sooner or later, she got tired of scrolling down Facebook all the time with some dramas most people post, so she decided to explore more on the internet outside of Facebook.

          She discovered Tumblr when she was 14, during 8th Grade of high school when her English teacher required them to make one for an upcoming performance task—which really never came. Since it was canceled, she decided to explore the world of Tumblr and made her very first blog, which consists of random and unclear things.

          Not long, Dawn had found a hobby of writing, and she looked for a site where she could share them with the world. She discovered the site of Wattpad and was more active in there than any other website.

          At 10th Grade, Dawn’s teacher required another blog site where they should place their write-up. At least at that part, the blog was really used once. Only a single write-up was posted on WordPress, and once again she didn’t want the blog to go to waste.

          Today, Dawn had three blogs in WordPress, one of which she used for her write-ups, second for her artworks and third as a requirement for another subject, which was now actually used more frequently compared to other subjects.

          Dawn is now a Senior High Grade 11 student of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) SY 2016-2017. She started learning MIL during the second semester of the school year last November 2016 and still continuing until March.

          Media is not exactly Dawn’s specialty, but she has been using it to expand and enhance her abilities. She had gained knowledge about how to access, analyze and respond to media as mentioned above.

          This blog is a product of the things she learned on the subject and, since this performance task actually succeeded, she will continue to manage after the semester is done.